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Av Thai Kitchen Ltd, "Thai Orchid Market" (Business ID 2282490-8) sells products to people of full age in Mainland Finland . Product prices include VAT.

We reserve the right to change  prices and shipping costs.

How to order

All customer information is handled confidentially. Unless otherwise stated, the contact information requested for the order shall not be used for the purposes other than the delivery of the order or the clarification thereof. When you order an online store you are required to become acquainted with and committed to the terms of delivery in force at any time.

Payment and payment methods

We still in beta test:

Please note that it may take up to two days to send you the invoice with the available product, after that you will have the info to pay us the remittance. We do not have direct pay yet. 

Order and payment confirmation

After a successful order, your order will be sent to your e-mail and Pre-invoice.

Delivery Methods and Costs

1.Get $ 0 out of stock. You can order and pay for your products on the Invoice Pre-order at the online store and pick up our pre-packaged shop. We will email you an email or text message when the order is ready to be retrieved.

Orders for online shopping are delivered to the customer's home or the nearest post office. Shipping costs can be seen in the order unit.

2.Postpaid home delivery from 15.00 € Up to (max 20kg)

Buy under  100 Eur delivery costs 15,0 euros

Over 100 euros shipping costs 20,00 euro

Over 2 00 euros shipping  costs 30,00 euro

Over 3 00 euros  shipping  costs 40,00 euro

Over  400 euros shipping costs 45,00 euro

Buying more than 500 Eur: free shipping (apply for website order only)

3. Pick up from SmartPOST Vending Machine:
Get the products you ordered from your SmartPost Vending Machine. See the nearest automaat.
When the packet is ready to be retrieved, the customer
receives a text message containing his cell phone code with the box code. The code is typed on a voucher and the
transmission gets from the compartment as it opens.
You can track the passage of a transmission based on your shipping ID.
Packages can be searched at SmartPost point as a rule after the 16.00 following the day after the transmission.

Certain Smartpost have the standard size and weight need to follow the 
shipping costs all over Finland starting at 8,50 Euro
S: 12 × 36 × 60 cm
M: 20 × 36 × 60 cm 
L, 38 × 36 × 60 cm 
XL × 60 36 × 60 cm, max. weight 20 kg / pack Mailbox
(pick up close to the post)
Get the items you ordered from your post the next working day. See your pickup point. You will be notified by SMS on the arrival of the package and you can pick up your mail from the post immediately after 16:00 on the day of arrival.
You can track the passage of a transmission based on your shipping ID. Please take the ID when you follow the shipment.

Detail calculate for transport:

Buy under 50 Eur shipping costs 8.50 euro

Over 50 Eur shipping costs 9.50 euro

Over  100 Eur shipping costs 12.50 euros

Over 150 Eur shipping costs 17.50 euros

Over 200 Eur shipping costs 22.50 euros

Over 300 Eur shipping costs 27.50 Euros

Over 400 Eur shipping costs 35.00 euros

purchase over 500 Eur: free shipping

Special Notes

If you want to buy a large amount and discount price please contact office for better quotation

Heavy cargo> 10kg, 20kg have different charge For example Rice bag 10kg 7,5 € / 10kg Rice bag 20kg 15 € / 20kg

Rice products, heavy product (> 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, example Rice is transported separately for 7.5 Eur / 10kg, 15 Eur / 20kg)

Since we are open new Webshop and it still in beta test. It may take one - two day to send you the invoice, with available product, price, after that you will have info to PAY us the remittance FIRST and SEND us the copy/image of transaction by email to
​We dont have directly e-invoice payment yet.

The order will be processed from Monday to Thursday. If you ordered on Friday and weekend. We will process your order on Monday.
Delivery times usually take 1 day, lastest 2-3 days depend on traffic.

If there is any delay, please send email to

Restaurant, box, wholesale price, lava price call us at +35896945491

Delivery time

The delivery schedule is shown on the order.

Right of Cancellation and Return Conditions

You have the right to cancel your order within 14 days of receipt of your order under the Consumer Protection Act. Right of return does not apply to rapidly perishable foods . Return Policy 

If you would like to return or replace your products after the review period, please contact our sales before returning: or tel. 09-6945491.

Return address: Av Thai Kitchen Ltd., Thai Orchid Market, Itäkatu 7, 00930 Helsinki

Unpaid package

Failure to redeem is not the same as a refund or cancellation. For a non-redeemed package that has not been subject to a separate cancellation notice, we charge a € 20 fee.


If the product has been lost or damaged during transport or if it does not respond to your order, you must notify us of the error within 14 days of writing.

If the package is damaged during transport, the product must be Filed with the shipping company.